Assorted 1 oz Wax Melts 50 Pack Fall Scents


Check out our brand new fall 2020 scents! These scents are available until November 1st or while supplies last.

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Fall Scents Cannot Be Customized as there is a specific 50 scent list that is used.

Crafty Candles best sellers – pucksters are what we call our 1 ounce trial sizes of our wax melts. They are only available in 50 or 100 pack sizes and will come in an assortment of scents. We have over 300 scents in stock, so rest assured, you will receive a variety of scents from baking, to floral, to cinnamon, to clean, Crafty Candles pucksters is your one stop shop for variety.

100% Canadian Handmade Product.

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